Kielzog 2008

Can art change the climate? This question was posed to seventeen artists of different nationalities. They were to address the subject through art in Het Waterloopbos, a nature park that hosts a rare combination of industrial heritage and recurring forest in the Netherlands.
For half a century, well before the digital age, engineers have studied problematic water situations “live” in this former Hydrodynamic Laboratory. They reproduced harbours and river-sides on scale and experimented with various ways of changing the current of water streams. Here, Kielzog (“Wake”) opened an art-in-nature laboratory, an experimental work place that appealed to the imagination rather than to the rational mind.
Climate change in The Netherlands means fear of rising water levels, as a fair part of the country is below sea level. During a two week long symposium in May 2008, artists from all over the world worked on this challenging location, expressing their perspectives on the typically Dutch battle against the water.
The exhibition generated a lot of publicity in the major newspapers and on the public broadcasting channels, due to this more than 40.000 visitors found their way to Kielzog.